What’s Wrong? Paris is Burning

What’s wrong with episode 11?

  1. Part-time Max. I know Lorelai and Max have been sort-of dating for a bit now, but it hasn’t been shown since the snow episode and it is a bit uncomfortable. Not really the them dating part just the whole Rory and Max house interaction part.
  2. Ice skating. I wish Lorelai would’ve told Rory how she was feeling about her getting “attached” to Max instead of just stewing about it on her own.
  3. Cha cha cha. Damn Lorelai that was harsh. Finding love is hard, so cut Sookie some slack.
  4. Don’t call on me! Public PDA is bad. School PDA is even worse.
  5. She looked a little like your mom. Damn Paris. Why do you have to throw someone else under the bus.
  6. On parent’s day?! Why did Emily have to confront Lorelai about the kiss? I don’t like that they always have to argue about what seem like trivial things. Then again a parent dating their kid’s teacher isn’t that small of a thing.

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