2017 Week Twelve

Monday/Thursday were normal work days. After work, I spent some time editing some project stuff that needed to get done on Monday.

Tuesday/Thursday were also standard school days.

Wednesday was a bit of a different day. I usually spend the day at home doing school work and getting blog stuff done but this week I had to go to campus again and take my exit exam, which really felt like a waste of time.

Friday was the beginning of my downfall (yay…). I went to work and then I went to work on final project stuff. In the time that it took for me to leave work and get started on project stuff a switch got turned on in my head and I started feeling really fucking bad. It really messed with my mood during the project, which made me really mad at myself because I didn’t feel that I did my best work. I drove home feeling bad and then went to bed before nine because I didn’t want to think the stupid thoughts that I was thinking.

Saturday I thought I woke up in a good mood but wow was I wrong. I wanted to go for a walk with one of my parents but well the idea got shot down and I guess that was the point that sent me further down the bad feelings path. I ended up leaving my house, drove to a park, sat in my car for twenty minutes crying (which was so great, such a great time) and then I spent three hours walking and reading in the park, which really fixed my mood. I drove home after and took a shower and started feeling better. A friend came over later in the evening and that really helped my mood too.

Today I woke up in a pretty good mood with not too many bad thoughts (medium yay) and I’m only just a little bit anxious about doing homework today. I’m telling myself that I’ll get to watch a movie tonight if I finish the majority of the assignments that I have to complete but The Office is really getting in the way. However, it is going pretty well and I think I will be watching a movie!


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