Monday Review – Operator (2016)

What is it about?

You have a happily married couple trying to attain their sought after life goals in the city of Chicago. When it feels like what they are chasing will never be reached a lot of great opportunities come around. However, alongside those opportunities comes change that while it might be right for one isn’t appreciated by the other. How do you try to balance the foundation of your life when the structure that it is holding up is beginning to drastically become something larger, heavier, and more complex then ever before?

What did I think?

Mae Whitman could play an asparagus and she would still portray such an amazing character that would deserve a standing ovation. (I might be in love, don’t tell anyone.)

Okay okay. This isn’t about what I thought about the beautiful woman that is Mae Whitman it is about how I felt about this movie.

Let’s take two people who seem like such polar opposites, one is in tune with their emotions while the other is all about the analytics, and have them become a happily married couple. Then let’s break down their relationship from the inside out. Perfect. Simple. Let’s also sprinkle in panic attacks and have the couple moving in two completely different directions. Sure, why don’t you just rip out my heart and fry it up for breakfast while you’re at it. I haven’t cried so openly and intensely at something in a very long time and there I was watching Joe’s performance on that little stage and the tears flowed beyond my control. Emily was crying, Joe was crying, I was crying. We were a mess.

It was great.

I really liked the way that the film made you believe that this couple was a perfect couple and then slowly introduced you to the pitfalls that they have in their relationship. It is refreshing to see because of how we put perfect people in perfect relationships in the limelight and throw away all the bad things that might accompany them. “Oh she’s not an alcoholic anymore. She found her true love and everything’s perfect now.” This film doesn’t try to hide the bad.

The separation that they went through was the best thing for them. They were trying to change together but what they needed was to change and grow separately and then (if it was the right move) join their lives back together.

Hand’s down a great film. I can’t even wrap my head around how beautifully it was shot and how beautifully the plot was. Every aspect of a scene never overshadowed the conversations that were occurring and I was actually really okay with how couple-centered it was. Usually, I would like to have more character interaction between supporting characters but it really was all about the two of them and the ways that they were changing.

Seriously, just watch the film. It is on Netflix so no excuses.

What did I like the best?

So “modern romance”. When I think of the idea of modern romance I think of Twitter DMs, Tinder swipes, and online stalking. For the most part I think I’m right but there is more to the idea of modern romance in the eyes of film makers. Instead of modern romance between two individuals, it is a step past that and modern romance turns into an idea of love without another actual human. (No I’m not talking about sex dolls.) Think more along the lines of HER, with a human and a program interacting (pls don’t let this be our actual future).

I’m actually really intrigued by this idea and it is executed extremely well in this film. I find that it is an interesting method to tell the story of human love, because (in this film anyway) even with all of our screens and technological advancements we still end up going back to the comfort of another human’s embrace.

Also, I really liked Joe’s phone ringtone and so I changed mine to it (it is the illuminate one if you’d like to change yours too).


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