Tunes – Pop Time

On my drive back home from my trip to Chicago, I got stuck in traffic when I was close to Nashville and I was starting to get pretty tired after the majority of my seven hour drive. I was in desperate need of something to keep me awake. So I tuned into the local pop station (which for me is 107.5 the River) and it was exactly what I needed.

I haven’t really been listening to the radio or any new pop music lately, so it was nice to hear what kind of new songs are on the station right now. I wanted to share a bit about the songs that stood out to me/pretty much the ones that I liked the best/also the only songs that are on the radio because let’s be real we all know that the radio will play the same handful of songs every hour.

Katy Perry – Chained to the Rhythm

I heard this song when the music video came out and I really liked it! It has been quite a while since I’ve really liked a Katy Perry song and this one was really great all around. Also, the music video is so cute! Skip Marley thought?

Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like

This song just makes me feel happy! There’s nothing else that needs to be said about it!

Ed Sheeran – Shape of You

Why is this so good!? I haven’t listened to the rest of Ed’s new album but damn if the rest of it is half as great as this song then it is probably an awesome album. Shape of you is just such a catchy song! I love singing along to it in the car.

Lorde – Green Light

So, I listened to this song for the first time while watching the music video and it really didn’t wow me. I think it was probably because I really didn’t like the music video. Howver, after I heard it play on the radio, I really enjoyed it and love hearing it when it comes on the radio!

Noah Cyrus ft. Labrinth – Makes Me (Cry)

I’ve listened to this a few times on daytime tv and I think they performed it on the Grammy’s (?) and I really liked the live performances of this song. What’s weird is that I actually prefer the live performances of this song (which almost never happens). Also, I think Labrinth really shines in the recorded version of the song and he overshadow’s Noah’s voice just a tiny bit.


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