What’s Wrong? Double Date

What’s wrong with episode 12?

  1. Please no PDA. What is up with these people?!
  2. Todd should be so lucky to get a girl like her. I don’t like the way that Rory kind of manipulates the situation about setting up Todd and Lane. If Dean says he doesn’t think that it would be a good match wouldn’t you want to trust his opinion since he’s met both Todd and Lane and you’re just best friends with Lane?
  3. What is that, Rune? This man is just the worst. He’s obviously complaining about Lorelai loudly enough so that she can hear him and what is up with him decapitating the butter (soap?) swans at the restaurant…? Then just telling Jackson that they should leave to go bowling and saying that he’s not having a good time right in front of Lorelai and Sookie?
  4. Mrs. Kim. I can understand why Mrs. Kim is so angry at Lane but I feel like she goes too far..especially with the locking her up in her room thing. Also, I don’t think being that overprotective really works out that well…

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