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2017 Week seventeen

Oh my god yes this week was the bomb! Monday I went to work and then had to go visit the lovely gynecologist (yay). Chickened out when I wanted to ask about a different method of birth control but it is okay I’m content with taking the pill for now and if I want a […]

This Type A Will Not Apologize

I was going to start by saying that I’ve never been tested but I’ve just taken the short Type A/B personality test and there’s no doubt about it I’m an A all the way (I scored a 290). This probably isn’t the best way to judge my personality but I’m going to go with it […]

What’s Wrong? Gilmore Girls Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers

What’s wrong with episode 16? Too. Much. Damn. PDA. Poor Lane constantly getting set up by her parents. I find it strange that Mrs. Kim always says “No Boys!” but then goes and sets LaneĀ up with every Korean boy that she can find. Connecticut Ken. This guy is creepy AF. I love you. So I […]

Giordano’s Deep Dish Pizza

Please stop yelling at me! Alright! I know that I didn’t eat a lot of the cool food that you can eat in Chicago but look it goes back to the bad parts of traveling alone. Eating alone sucks. I did try the always talked about Chicago style pizza. Isn’t that enough for you people! […]

Tunes: Shinee

I used to be very hesitant when it came to sharing that I used to listen to K-Pop during my high school and early college days. I’ve really fallen out of the Kpop lifeĀ these days so I can’t really say that I’m an avid listener anymore but I do still want to share how much […]

Review – Your Name

What’s it about? Mitsuha a lovely girl living in a town located in the mountains, and Taki, a student living and working in Tokyo, cross paths in the strangest way possible. The two begin to switch places while dreaming and they form a strange friendship through the notes which they leave for one another in […]

2017 Week Sixteen

I FINISHED MY LAST FULL WEEK OF CLASSES EVER AND I AM SO EXCITED AND NERVOUS!!! Please excuse my shouting I am just very very excited about all this stuffs. Monday was a standard work day and Tuesday was a normal long day of classes. Wednesday I finished putting together the proposal for my final […]

Time to Jump

How often do you say you want to do something or you are going to do something but you never do it? Raise your hands please I’d like to know that I’m not alone. If it is something that doesn’t relate to school work or actual work work, I’m less likely to do it. Pretty […]

Lettuce Talk About Krist

I’ve talked about music Youtubers before but I haven’t gone in depth about other types of YouTubers that I spend my time watching. I’ve been trying to drift away from watching content that isn’t super creative, like regular makeup reviews and just regular talking to the camera with no cool editing because I’m trying to […]

What’s Wrong? Gilmore Girls Christopher Returns

Whats wrong with episode 15?  Don’t tell your mother. One parent shouldn’t make their child hide something from their other parent. I hate President Bush. Okay. Seriously Lorelai? You thought this was a good idea for conversation..? This is when you need to know your audience before you make a comment. Like we’re supposed to be […]