2017 Week Thirteen

Okay. This week? Who remembers what happened? Anyone? You ma’m in the back? No…?

Lots of work, homework, and studying.

Spent my Wednesday at a new Starbucks that opened up not even ten minutes from my house. That’s where I will probably be most Wednesdays now doing homework and blog work.

Thursday I had a German exam and I felt mildly confident about it, which means I probably failed (haha…please no). Spent Friday at work then working on a final project. I’m not really enjoying it so much anymore. We’ve been encountering problems while recording episodes and I’m not happy about how they’re turning out. I can see that this is something that will probably end when the semester ends. Plus, I sent my professor a draft of our proposal probably three weeks ago and he still hasn’t given it back (frown-y face). Friday night I watched the film Gambit again but this time with my parents because I couldn’t find a new movie that they would like and that I could sit through.

Saturday I tried to go to Starbucks with a friend and do some homework but we didn’t get a lot of work done. Plus, when I started editing the episodes and I heard how blah they were I got really discouraged and didn’t have the desire to go on. I went home and did some laundry and ironing while watching the OA. I have two episodes left! I’ve also been wasting time watching The Office again this week, thankfully I’m close to the end so I can stop wasting time.

I’ve planned out a new hairstyle that I’m going to try out! Scheduling the appointment soon! Sort of planned out a basic Europe trip with my parents, I’m officially going to decide next month if I am going to go and then buy a ticket. I just want to see the family that I have over there and learn a bit more about them.

Almost a month until graduation. I’m going to try to create some sort of “one month until graduation/who I am right now” video on the exact one month until graduation day but I’m pretty busy this week so who knows if that’ll happen.

Let’s kick this week’s ass because it is going to try to take us down.


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