Chicago – The Field Museum

My first Chicago museum!

This museum will probably hold a special place in my heart because it was the first museum that I visited while on my short trip. Plus I had the pleasure of meeting Sue the T-rex, which was pretty great. Not only was Sue there but there was a whole exhibit dedicated to dinosaurs that went into the journey of our planet. I was skeptical about how many of the bones in the exhibit were actual fossils but there a sign that, if I remember correctly, said something along the lines of 80-90% of the bones being real fossils (don’t quote me on this).

She’s beautiful.

I got to see real mummies for the first time in my life! I had the chance to see more information about ancient America. What I really liked about this exhibit, and some of the other ones, was that it didn’t shy away from the bad history. This exhibit told you the amazing life of the people in America and then slapped you in the face with the information about the damn European travelers who decided that America was theirs. There were exhibits showing endangered species, the Pacific Islands, DNA, The Tsavo Lions, and so much more!

The basic admissions ticket is $22.00 but you can get a student discount which brings the price down to $19.00. Since there are some exhibits that you can’t access with the basic admissions ticket you might want to splurge and get the all-access pass which is $36.00 and then $31.00 with the student discount.

Not only are the exhibits interesting and eye-opening, the museum itself is just so amazing. It is an extremely beautiful building with amazing guides letting you know about the amazing items that can be found all around the museum. I highly recommend a visit to this museum.



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