2017 Week Fourteen

I can not understand how I have any energy left after this week.

Monday I stayed on campus after work until five o’clock because a lovely friend of mine had her senior art show opening night (with other senior students) and so my small group of friends went to support her. We ended up going out to eat after and stayed out past nine (so late I know). By the time I got home it was a bit past ten and it took me a while to fall asleep.

Tuesday was a standard work and school day.

Wednesday was spent editing final project stuff and catching up on school work.

Thursday was not a standard work and school day. I went to all my classes and then went out for lunch with a group of my friends. I went and took my major field test “that you totally have to take to graduate” (it is all a lie). After that I met up with my friends again and we went to a freaking Ludacris concert. I know I still can’t believe it myself. It was also the first concert (this sounds so super lame to say but I want to remember it) that I felt really comfortable letting my guard down. If that makes any sense? I usually don’t let myself “let loose” and I think today was the first time that I did it. I didn’t care how stupid I might’ve looked (okay maybe I cared a little bit) but I really enjoyed myself. I can’t say I’ve done that very often.

Friday was a standard work day. Work has been nice and quiet, which is great.

Saturday I made my way down to Nashville because I was volunteering at a conference. It wasn’t too bad, I enjoyed it more last year but it was still pretty good. I was going to go home right after but I made a last minute decision to go out to eat with my friends and professor. We had tacos and I listened to someone tell an amazing concert story. After tacos we went to get ice cream and it was just a hilarious night. I didn’t get home until almost ten, which seems late to me because I don’t really stay out or stay up super late anymore. It has been nice to have fun and laugh again.

Sunday I finished homework, got ahead in some of my classes and have been watching a new show. I’m actually typing this quite quickly so I can finish another episode before I head to bed.

Good night. Let’s hope for another good week.


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