Monday Review – Your Sister’s Sister (2012)

Do not watch this film right before bed because you will be too angry to sleep.

What is it all about?

It has been a year since the death of his brother and Jack isn’t dealing with it very well. When he seems to be on the cusp of giving up, Iris decides to do a bit of meddling. She tells Jack to bike to her family’s cabin in the woods and take some time to regroup. When Jack reaches the cabin he realizes that he’s not alone, Iris’s sister is there. Of course, they end up sleeping together and then get a shock in the morning when Iris shows up. Do they tell her? Do they keep it a secret? Does Iris tell Jack how she feels about him? How bad were the pancakes that Hannah makes?

Watch it on Netflix to find out.

What did I think?

I am going to spoil this movie like spoiled milk.

The fuck was that ending? Are you kidding me? A cliffhanger. A fucking cliffhanger when we’re waiting (biting our nails) to see if Hannah is pregnant, then the credits start rolling when we see their expressions, which by the way totally don’t tell you anything (thanks guys).

While the ending angered me I did really like the feel of this movie overall, though I found the story line kind of unbelievable. You have a dead brother’s ex-girlfriend (Iris) in love with the dead brother’s brother/her best friend (Jack) and then the sister (Hannah) who broke up with her girlfriend of seven years sleeps with the best friend (Jack) with the ulterior motive to get knocked up. I wish that they had shown, when Jack realizes that Hannah poked holes in the condom, her actually poking the holes in it. That would’ve been a great scene to see play out.

Then when everyone finds out about all the secrecy that is going on, they all have the standard emotional reactions but they really easily look past everything. Which really bothered me while I was watching the movie but now I really don’t feel too strongly against it. What’s the point of holding onto such negative feelings and grudges against some of the most important people in your lives? There really isn’t and it isn’t like you’re overlooking it but instead you’re all growing and moving past the events.

While I find that this idea is well thought-out and really works in the plot, I still can’t wrap my head around everyone being so okay with the possibility of Hannah having Jack’s baby. The family dynamic would be so strange especially if Iris and Jack get together. It would be “Oh hey your dad is also your uncle-in-law?”….? I don’t know how I would feel about this…but I guess I really shouldn’t judge a family’s way of living because if it makes you happy go for it (but maybe don’t marry your cousins).

I think that’s the overarching theme. Happiness (or maybe I’d just like to think it is). Maybe not happiness maybe more along the lines of letting sorrow go and searching for happiness because each of the characters let something go. Jack with the sorrow over the death of his brother. Hannah her long-term relationship. Iris the anxiety of holding onto her feelings for Jack.

I just really think this is an interesting story and it really is worth the watch so check it out.


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