The Art Institute of Chicago

After visiting the Field museum and eating at Giordano’s (post to come), I decided that I wasn’t tired enough and my feet didn’t hurt enough so I had to go visit The Art Institute of Chicago (I was really tired and my feet were killing me).

I was a little confused by their website so I was a bit unsure of what exhibits were exactly going on, but then I realized that it doesn’t really matter if I don’t know because why would I want it to be spoiled for me.

Wow. There’s a lot.

I still don’t know which exhibits are always there and which ones were visiting exhibits but who cares because it was a blast. I love art museums. I’m not someone who really knows a lot about art but I think I can appreciate how amazing the works are and I always feel so many emotions while looking at these amazing works of art. I’m pretty sure security was watching me like a hawk because of how I was smiling during my time there and everyone else had such stoic expressions.

I was in this huge museum for about three hours and I still don’t think I saw all of the exhibits that were there. There’s just so much to see! From intricate paper weights on the bottom floor, to a giant exhibit on the Provoke magazine, an interesting contemporary exhibit, and more.

Not only were the works of art amazing but the building itself was beautiful inside and out. So much thought was put into the structure that would house some amazing works of art.

This museum is definitely worth the trip! I can’t wait to go back to Chicago to not only see more of the city but to also go back to this museum and see what they have in store for me next. I would definitely say that the $25.00 entrance fee is worth it and it is really awesome that they give a student discount which brings the price down to $19.00.

(sorry if these photos are kind of crappy they were all taken on my iPhone.)


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