What’s Wrong? That Damn Donna Reed

What’s wrong with episode 14?

  • Dean and Donna. There’s too much to say about this so I won’t really get into it. Women are more than simple house wives.
  • PDA in front of the bus. Rory. Dean. Please no PDA in front of the bus when people are trying to get off and on it and you guys are in the way.
  • Behind the counter. I don’t believe that there isn’t anything between Luke and Lorelai. You can feel the emotions and sexual tension while they’re talking about sprucing up the diner. I wish they would’ve already started dating by this point.
  • Lorelai in a corner. Damn Emily! Pushing Lorelai to confess that she might have feelings for Luke and then telling her how bad of an idea that is? Harsh lady.
  • Nice shirt take it off. Nice opening line Christopher (not really).

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