Did I Make a Podcast?

Yes I did!

I’m so excited to finally share with you that me and a friend have gotten together to make a podcast! It is something that we’ve been toying with for a few months now and the perfect situation happened that let us get started on it (aka we had a big final project to do and this was our idea). I don’t know if it’ll have a second season but I’m really proud of just having this first season up!

The podcast is called Midseason Drop-Ins and well here’s the little pitch for it!

Join Matthew and Sanja each week as they embark on a dangerous quest that may upset many fandoms. Their goal? To guess where a T.V. show arc is going by watching one episode halfway through the show.

This is Midseason Drop-Ins, enjoy.

Please check it out if you like podcasts and t.v. shows and just people being weird!

It is currently on iTunes but it will also be put on SoundCloud too for safe keeping!


One comment

  1. […] Monday was a work day and a final project day. Me and my partner finished recording the last three episodes of our podcast, which is out right now so you should go check it out! […]


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