2017 Week Fifteen

I just had to stop for a second because fifteen doesn’t look like it is supposed to be spelled that way…it looks strange.

THIS WEEK WAS pretty good actually.

I decided that this week I wouldn’t wear a full face of make-up, I only did my eyebrows and put on translucent powder (because my face is oily), and it really helped my self-confidence levels.

Monday was a work day and a final project day. Me and my partner finished recording the last three episodes of our podcast, which is out right now so you should go check it out!

Tuesday was a busy school day and Wednesday was spent editing the last episodes, putting the episodes up on a hosting site, and then begging iTunes to let it be allowed to be up on their lovely site (which it is).

Thursday was also another standard busy school day.

Friday was a slow work day and then I actually got to go home at a normal time! Yay! I usually had to stay a few extra hours to do final project stuff but now that’s all done! Well, most of it. Also, I went to see Get Out (review is sure to come soon) and I was alone in the theater (which was the best thing in the world).

Saturday was a busy day! I went to campus and did homework with a friend for a few hours then drove back home to drop off my laptop and to change my clothes (cause your girl is a sweaty person). After that I drove down to Nashville to meet up with a friend because I was in need of a cap and gown (have I told you that I’m graduating in like three weeks??) just in case I can’t go get mine before I go do a photoshoot (also super excited about this) for graduation/fun. We ended up spending the day together which was really nice! We walked around a park for a few hours, I got to see his new apartment and meet his cat, and we went to see the new Fate of the Furious movie (which was great don’t fight me on this). What was only supposed to be a quick hang out ended up being a really great long hang out. I’m definitely going to have to do it again soon.

Easter Sunday was nice. My big group of childhood friends and our families went to the park together. We ate a lot, walked a lot, and played with the dogs a lot. I ended up getting a bit of a sun burn which is hilarious, I’m now sporting a farmer’s tan.


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