Monday Review – Get Out

(Post contains major spoilers)

Well that was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

What’s it about?

You have a seemingly normal couple who have decided to go visit the girlfriend’s family for the weekend and introduce the boyfriend to the family for the first time. The boyfriend (Chris) questions his girlfriend (Rose) if she has told her parents that he is black. She responds to him that his parents aren’t racist. Soon after they reach the house, Chris begins to notice that yep her parents and brother are not only racist but there is also something else strange about them. The weekend unfolds to include a gathering of family friends that occurs every year on this weekend and well shit gets crazy.

It is still in theaters so go see it if you haven’t yet.

What did I think?

I loved this movie and I loved the experience I had at the theater when going to see this movie. I had a small theater all to myself! It was the best way to watch this film.

The beginning sequence was perfect. The Childish Gambino song choice was great and I loved all of Chris’s shots during the sequence, not so much Rose’s shots because it didn’t feel like the shots went together well. I would think it would’ve been a bit more interesting if there were shots of each of them getting ready separately and then him opening the door. Also, I was pleasantly surprised that when Chris opens the door to let Rose in the music does a soft fade-out rather then an abrupt stop, which was what I was thinking was going to happen.

I can say that I didn’t enjoy the hitting the deer scene. I feel like I’ve seen it happen in a few movies (the only one I can think of right now is The Invitation) and I’m not really a fan of it. I guess I understand a bit of the symbolism, as if the deer is Chris and he’s going to be hit unexpectedly with some crazy shit.

I was extremely creeped out by the mother hypnotizing patients and the entire first night scene. When she told him to “drop” I felt as if I would feel what Chris was feeling. The party that the family had was also strange as fuck. The whole “bingo” part was genius and wasn’t what I was expecting at all. I wasn’t even expecting the blind art dealer to participate but then he ends up buying Chris.

I hated (loved) when Chris finally realizes that Rose is in on the entire thing too. The fear in his voice was too real and I felt myself shaking while he was being cornered in the living room by the sick family. All of the videos that he was shown in the basement were perfectly freaky. I was caught off guard because I totally didn’t see that what they were doing was started by the grandparents, though I guess I should’ve guessed it when they said that it’s a party that the grandparents used to give every year.

I did enjoy Rod’s character and the comedic scenes that he was in because those types of scenes are not utilized very often in horror movies (other directors please take note and hire this awesome man for your films).

The end scene paralyzed me and made me cry. When Chris puts his hands up because he hears the cop car and Rose reaches out for help towards the cop car, I fucking lost it. Even though he was the victim in this entire ordeal he was the one that had to show that he wasn’t doing anything wrong. I was fucking floored when it was Rod the TSA officer in the car and he saved Chris and took him back home.

This film is a must see. Don’t wait until it is out on DVD or on Netflix, go see it on the big screen because you need to see the film’s message on the biggest screen you can get.


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