Museum of Science and Industry

This museum was quite an adventure.

When planing my trip I decided that I did want to go to the Science ad Industry museum but after my second day in Chicago I decided that I wouldn’t go just because I didn’t feel like it was something that I would enjoy. Then while I was taking an Uber the night before my last full day in Chicago (Does that make sense?), I asked if there was anything else I needed to see while up here and she said *drum roll* the Science and Industry museum. Okay! I’m going to go!

I woke up early on my last full day, got ready, and decided to walk to the bean before heading to the museum. It was about an hour walk to the bean and then I would have to take an Uber to the museum because it said it was about a four hour walk and I was not prepared for that.

I got to the museum about an hour after it had opened and as soon as I walked in to the ticket area I knew that coming here was a great choice. THIS PLACE IS HUGE.

They fit planes, trains, and automobiles in there! I couldn’t believe it.

There’s an awesome maze of mirrors, I’ve only dreamed about having the chance to do something like that. Sure, the whole place was overrun by tiny children but you know what it was still a fun time.

The museum had a giant area that was all about natural phenomena like tornadoes, lightning, and rainbows. There was a fairy castle (of course the fairies were out while I was there), an entire gallery dedicated to forms of transportation, a ships gallery, a room dedicated to genetics, and so much more!

I would like to point out that there were a good number of interactive items and games that weren’t working. It is very obvious that this museum has been around for quite a while. Actually it was first opened to the public in 1933, which makes some of the older items and chipped paint easier to overlook.

I can say that this museum is definitely geared more towards children but I think you’d still enjoy yourself if you went. I was actually worried that I would be the only person there in my twenties that was alone but I saw plenty of other people my age enjoying the exhibits just as much as I was.

The price for a standard ticket, without entrance to any of the special exhibits, is $18.00 which isn’t too bad. The ticket prices go up a good amount more if you decide to go see any of the special exhibits. I only see those special exhibits worthwhile if you have kids who are actually interested in the content of the exhibit. If they aren’t then I really don’t think they’ll be missing out and if you’re going alone/are older you probably won’t be missing a lot either since it feels like those exhibits are geared more towards children.

Fun Fact!

This is the only building that was left after the Chicago World’s Fair.



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