What’s Wrong? Gilmore Girls Christopher Returns

Whats wrong with episode 15? 

  1. Don’t tell your mother. One parent shouldn’t make their child hide something from their other parent.
  2. I hate President Bush. Okay. Seriously Lorelai? You thought this was a good idea for conversation..? This is when you need to know your audience before you make a comment.
  3. Like we’re supposed to be one big happy family. No Straub you don’t have to be a big happy family but you could at least be a normal human being.
  4. Argument in the study. I wish that they could finally sit down and explain to each other how they felt 16 years ago and how they’ve been feeling during those 16 years. It makes me sad to see the Gilmores arguing.
  5. Sex on the balcony. I mean I’m all for getting down and dirty but not with your parents and child in the house guys!
  6. I’m a rat. Wow Lorelai standing up Luke? This makes me even sadder than seeing the Gilmores fighting.
  7. I wanna marry you. Christopher you just keep digging your grave deeper huh? Couldn’t you just leave feeling happy in the friendship that you have with Lorelai and not leave with weird feelings in the air?

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