Lettuce Talk About Krist

I’ve talked about music Youtubers before but I haven’t gone in depth about other types of YouTubers that I spend my time watching. I’ve been trying to drift away from watching content that isn’t super creative, like regular makeup reviews and just regular talking to the camera with no cool editing because I’m trying to now consume content that inspires me. Then again if I’ve been watching a creator for a long time I still treasure their regular talking videos, but that type of content isn’t really inspiring. So, I’ve been on the hunt for creators who put a lot of effort into their work and I’ve found that in Krist Soup.

I happened upon one of Krist’s taste test videos and I wasn’t really into it but then before I knew it I had probably watched almost all of the videos she’s posted in the past year or so. Also, just go check out her Self Portrait video, after watching that you’ll realize the amazing person that she is. When 2017 was welcomed, Krist launched a lifestyle channel, Krist & Yu, and I was hooked.

I enjoyed her main channel videos but I knew the videos were composed of things that I might just try to make once and then never attempt it again. While it was fun to watch her and her adorable personality I was really excited to find out that she was making a second channel which would have content that I would enjoy a bit more than her main channel content.

Sure, you might say that she makes the same kind of videos every other YouTuber on the planet makes but there’s something different about them. You feel her excitement in the videos she produces and her excitement in the editing of those videos. She makes it an experience that the two of you have together, instead of just a video that you’re only half paying attention to.

The effort that she puts in her videos is amazing. She adds the perfect music to match the scene and she color-corrects her videos in a way that makes you feel extremely cozy. Her camera work is also phenomenal, seriously go click on any video that she has and you won’t be disappointed (was that too much?).

Krist’s personality is also everything you could want and more. She’s funny and doesn’t shy away from laughing at herself (something I’m starting to learn to do). She is able to create excitement over the smallest thing and she feels like someone I would love to talk to one day about everything and nothing in particular. I’d probably just want to listen to her because I think her voice is relaxing and easy to listen to.

I just really love this creator and I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do in the future. I know that she will keep surprising me and constantly inspiring me. Seriously, every time I watch one of her videos I want to pick up my own camera and start shooting something!

If you haven’t checked out this lovely lady, please go and do so. You won’t regret it (and if you do regret it you didn’t get this recommendation from me…).


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