2017 Week Sixteen


Please excuse my shouting I am just very very excited about all this stuffs.

Monday was a standard work day and Tuesday was a normal long day of classes.

Wednesday I finished putting together the proposal for my final project.

Thursday was also a normal day of classes. I had a presentation with a group today and it went okay…(wasn’t great but I’ll take it).

Friday was a normal work day. One girl that I used to work with a lot last semester and last summer was filling in for someone so we had a pretty awesome day of chatting! It was refreshing and very lovely. I also had to stay after work today because we had to check in with our mentor for the final project, it was fun but it wasn’t super necessary because we’ve been doing pretty well on the final project and have pretty much finished everything that we needed to finish.

I didn’t feel that great Friday night and ended up really feeling down on myself (which wasn’t fun) but then I watched all of Girlboss on Netflix and that made me feel a bit better.

Saturday I decided to change my room up! I moved around all the furniture in my room which was a good idea at the time but when I woke up today (Sunday) I was very achy. However, I’m really happy with how I moved around the stuff in my room. I was desperate for a change, which is my motto for this next week. I hung out with my sister and her boyfriend. We went thrifting and had Mexican for lunch. I ended the day by watching a cute and sad movie (review to come).

Sunday is a very gross day. It hasn’t stopped raining for a few days and now it is also cold outside. Whyyy?? I’m trying to finish up a lot of my homework and I’ve gotten one of the things that I wanted to get finished today pretty much done but I’ve still got some more stuff to finish and to look over before tomorrow. If I get the majority of it done I’ll probably treat myself to another movie tonight.

I hope I stay sane for the next two weeks and I’m hoping that I only have maybe 3 panic attacks and/or 5 giant puddles of sadness. I’m almost done with college forever. It still hasn’t sunk in and I honestly don’t think it ever will.

I wonder what I’ll do next?


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