Review – Your Name

What’s it about?

Mitsuha a lovely girl living in a town located in the mountains, and Taki, a student living and working in Tokyo, cross paths in the strangest way possible. The two begin to switch places while dreaming and they form a strange friendship through the notes which they leave for one another in the dreams. They realize that what is happening is really happening after learning from the friends and family that they are acting strangely on some days. However, the two also realize that they begin to lose the memories of the other after the dreams have ended.

How is this happening? Is this all because of the comet? Do they ever really meet? Do they fall in love? Do you ever stop crying? Find out by watching the film or just reading about it if you can’t wait to figure out what is going on.

What did I think?

Anime movies hold a really special place in my heart. I’d probably say that I’m overly emotional because of them but I don’t want to point fingers (it is totally all their fault).

I can’t say anything bad about this film. It kept you interested in the story, made you fall in love with not only the main characters but all of the supporting ones as well, it made you laugh a lot, it definitely make you cry a lot, and you felt extremely happy when you watched the ending. Anime movies, such as this one, really know how to play off your emotions and make you feel extremely invested in the lives of the characters.

I enjoyed more of Mitsuha’s story rather than Taki’s in the beginning but I did fall in love with Taki towards the end. I was really shocked when the twist in the story happened and I do not recommend watching this film if you’re already feeling extremely emotional. I loved when Taki and Mitsuha were finally able to interact at twilight but it killed me when they began to forget each other. I cried so much when Mitsuha looked at her hand to see Taki’s name but instead it said “I love you!” (they did this so that they could try to remember each other after they started to forget what was happening).

I really enjoyed the montages of showing the two of them in the other one’s life. I’m a big fan of a good montage!

I’m still wondering if it was the comet that made this possible or if it was just that Mitsuha’s family had this strange gift?

Even though the core of the film was heavy and sad it still mixed in enough laughter to make it seem like there would be a happy ending in the end (Spoilers!! There is a happy ending!).

I’d really recommend watching this film if you love to laugh at one scene and then cry at the next one!


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