Tunes: Shinee

I used to be very hesitant when it came to sharing that I used to listen to K-Pop during my high school and early college days. I’ve really fallen out of the Kpop life these days so I can’t really say that I’m an avid listener anymore but I do still want to share how much I love one K-Pop band in particular. Let’s travel back in time to share my love for Shinee.


Shinee is a five member K-Pop band under SM Entertainment that debuted in 2008 and is still very much active today. The five members are: Onew, Taemin, Minho, Key, and Jonghyun. They have six Korean albums and four current Japanese albums (though I was never really a fan of their Japanese albums). Alongside their music careers they are constantly excelling in other fields such as acting, fashion, and modeling.


They are very similar to many other kpop bands and they went through a lot of different looks and sounds during the time that I listened to them the most.

My top three albums would be…





I can still vividly remember the first time I watched a kpop video but I can never remember when I first watched a Shinee video. I believe it was around my junior year of high school and that from that point until the end of my freshman year of college I was hooked.

I listened to them constantly and I fell in love with them during their time on Hello Baby, which was a popular South Korean show where celebrities attempt to take care of a child to see if they would make a good parent (not really believable but very cute).

They helped me through a lot of hard times because of how much they appreciated and loved their fans. If they cried then we all cried. If they were happy then we all felt like we could conquer the world. If we were sad they helped our sadness disappear and our confidence grow.

I used to struggle with periods of intense sadness and I can say that they helped me get through them more often than anything or anybody else. I would listen to two songs in particular whenever I felt like I couldn’t handle the world anymore and they always helped me feel safe and happy. I hope that maybe they can give you a little pick-me-up as well.


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