Giordano’s Deep Dish Pizza

Please stop yelling at me! Alright! I know that I didn’t eat a lot of the cool food that you can eat in Chicago but look it goes back to the bad parts of traveling alone. Eating alone sucks.

I did try the always talked about Chicago style pizza. Isn’t that enough for you people! Sir please do not throw things at me! I liked the pizza, I really did! Thank you sir for sitting back down.


One of the homes of Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza.

I had just gone to the Field museum, was starving, and couldn’t walk anymore. I remembered seeing a Giordano’s around the bean so I started back in that direction. I walked around the area that I thought I had seen the restaurant but I couldn’t see it from the street. I couldn’t believe that I had made up the restaurant…though I could see it happening because of the hunger. I turned around one more time and found it in the little corner that it was situated in (it was trying to hide from me I’m sure of it).

Deep-Dish Pizza

I decided to order this deal that they were having where you get an individual pizza with a side order of their garlic parmesan fries. Those fries were the best thing ever and the cheese pizza made me want to cry from happiness.

The pizza had an extreme amount of cheese. It was deadly. However, the cheese was so smooth and lovely, that it wasn’t a wrestling match trying to eat it like it usually is with other cheese pizzas I’ve had in the past.

The crust was perfectly crisp around the edges and on the bottom but then a beautiful soft bread-like texture in the middle. I’m usually not a fan of thicker crust but I think I’ve been converted…at least to Chicago-style pizza in Chicago I don’t know about the ones I can find around Nashville.

Garlic Parmesan Fries

These were the best fries I have ever had (sorry for not having a photo of them). They were thin cut fries covered and I mean covered in a beautiful garlic parmesan powder. I still don’t understand how I was able to eat all of the pizza and the fries but I did. Go me! (This probably isn’t something I should be proud of…?)


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