What’s Wrong? Gilmore Girls Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers

What’s wrong with episode 16?

  • Too. Much. Damn. PDA.
  • Poor Lane constantly getting set up by her parents. I find it strange that Mrs. Kim always says “No Boys!” but then goes and sets Lane up with every Korean boy that she can find.
  • Connecticut Ken. This guy is creepy AF.
  • I love you. So I understand Dean getting a little annoyed that Rory didn’t say “I love you back” but I really feel like he ended up overreacting. Rory gave a really good explanation as to why she couldn’t just say it without really thinking about it and I feel like Dean should’ve tried to better understand Rory’s point-of-view rather then just breaking up with her.
  • Rachel. Okay so I both love and hate that Rachel shows up in Stars Hollow. She’s a pretty sweet character, really loves Luke, and wants to be a part of Stars Hollow. However, I don’t like that she’s been playing with Luke’s heart for so long, but then I feel bad for her because it is so obvious that Luke has feelings for Lorelai.

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