Review – Blind Date

What’s it about?

You’ve got a lovely lady who’s decide to move out on her own for the very first time and a strange man who has been living alone for far too long. What could go wrong? Well, one’s a pianist, the other craves their silence, and the wall between them is hollow so that every single noise they make can be heard by the other one. The two begin their acquaintance by trying to drive the other one mad and then they decide that they can have a relationship with the wall still between them. You have all the emotional support you need and you never have to see the other person. What could go wrong?

What did I think?

This film was so damn cute. French cinema has truly mastered the art of the romantic comedy.

It had humor. Like when she burps into the mans face at the bar or when the man (the neighbor, they don’t give the two of them names) tries to get the woman to leave the apartment.

It had romance. Like when the two of them decide to have a relationship without ever meeting and just talking through the wall or when the man leaves the apartment to support her during her audition.

It had drama. Like when the man thought that the woman had brought someone to have sex with in her apartment and he could hear everything.

It oozed sexuality. Like when the woman essentially reaches an orgasm the first time she lets herself feel the music, per the instruction of the man, instead of sticking to perfect form.

Also, the entire film was beautifully shot and put together. I really loved the juxtaposition of the scene after she first moves in and then I believe it is after her and the man either had an argument or had been trying to drive each other out of the apartments. She is first sitting, surrounded by her belongings, with this look of pure bliss that comes with moving out for the first time (I’d like to think so though I have yet to do it) and then the next time this similar scene occurs she is sitting, surrounded by her belongings, with this look of failure and despair. The entire film was perfect pinches of interesting scenes just like this one.

The one section of the film that I could’ve done without is the entire interaction between the woman and man she meets in town who she believes is the man who lives next door. She keeps shushing him so that he doesn’t speak though I don’t see how that helped anything and it really didn’t add anything to the film for me.

Overall, I’d really recommend this film if you are looking for something that is mostly lighthearted with a bit of drama and emotions sprinkled in.


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