Tunes – Paramore Hard Times

I wasn’t a die-hard Paramore fan back in the day but I did listen to a few of the hits that would play on the radio a bunch and then the angsty music videos that I would watch back in the day when I thought no one understood me and my pain (eye rolling for days now). Of course, I listened to them nonstop when they were featured on the soundtrack for the first Twilight movie. That song was the best.

Since that point, I haven’t really paid attention to them but I can remember them releasing an album in 2013-2014 and not really enjoying the singles that were released at that time. I know that following that album release, the band went through some turmoil and they didn’t release any new music. Until now!

Hard Times

Paramore dropped their new single on April 19, 2017 and wow it is good. While the lyrics contain very heavy themes, the colors of the music video and the pop feel of the song kind of balance out the lyrics. Would it just be considered pop? Is there a better genre that you could put this type of sound in?


The video feels similar to many Kpop videos that I’ve watched in the past. It really oozes Kpop videos with the vivid colors, the graphics that are placed throughout the video, and very obvious sets that are made to look like real places but they obviously look just like sets in a warehouse (kind of like this Kpop video). I think I like the video so much because it reminds me of those old music videos I used to sit and watch for hours before forcing myself to go to bed.

Music & Lyrics

The single has that perfect level of pop that you need to get you up and dancing around your room, which is something I have done on many occasions. It also doesn’t really sound like old Paramore and I’m not mad at that whatsoever. While I did enjoy the music that they used to put out, it does get boring. If an artist is making the exact same music every two years, the music gets stale and I’m not interested in it anymore. I’m really happy that they changed up their sound for this single and I’m really excited to see where the whole album is going to go too.

The lyrics themselves are really dark, which is such a contrast to how it sounds and how the video looks. The lyrics go into the hard times that Paramore and Hayley Williams herself had over the past few years. I’m going to sound like a broken record because I’m pretty sure everyone is going to say that they relate to the hard times that they are singing about and that the message of the lyrics really speak to you.

“Hard times, gonna take you down and laugh when you cry.

Hard times, gonna make you wonder why you even try.”

If you can’t relate to that then you’re probably the most privileged person in the world.

Give the song a listen, especially if you are someone who didn’t like Paramore back in the day. They’ve definitely become something different and it just might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.


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