Lost Momentum

I always think that there’s no point in making a “sorry I haven’t posted in x number of days/months” post but I guess I’m going to be doing that today. Well, maybe more of a “what is going to happen on this blog” kind of post instead.

I actually feel really strange typing this post…typing any kind of post feels weird…I feel very out of practice and I’m not really excited to write. It felt great to take a bit of a break but it also stopped the great habit of writing posts and coming up with ideas for more posts that I had.

The Life

I’m also really down on myself. I recently graduated from college (yay) but I really don’t know what I want to do. I’m trying to find a small summer job and then I plan to take a longish trip to Europe close to the end of the year. However, I still don’t have a job and I haven’t even bought my ticket for my trip yet. I feel like I’m in this strange state of limbo and because my future is uncertain I’m also losing momentum to write and create content.

I’m trying to fix that by starting to volunteer at my local library so that I have a reason to leave my house. I’ve been exercising a lot more (I’ve even overdone it the past couple of days and my whole body is sore). I’m also trying to plan ideas for not only blog posts but also video content because I really miss making videos and want to use some of the nifty editing tricks I’ve been learning lately but haven’t been doing anything with. I’m going to start reading and watching new things that interest me (like more nonfiction and documentaries…stuff like that). I’ve already checked out a few books about different subjects and I’m going to see how that goes! I want to start reviewing more German and watching/listening to more German videos and audio content because I don’t want to lose the knowledge that I have and want to become as fluent as I can in the language.

The Blog

I want to keep writing review posts on Mondays and tunes posts on Tuesdays. I will not be continuing the What’s Wrong posts about Gilmore Girls because I don’t really like doing them anymore. I want to create more posts about food, life, and funny stuff! I want to share more and create more (aahhhhh trying really hard)! I want to write posts sharing information that I learned during my four years in college, the challenges that face college graduates, and if going to graduate school is a good idea.

I’m hoping to write more content that you fall in love with and that I fall in love with. I want to create more and I hope I find my momentum again sooner rather than later! Send any help and advice my way!


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