Creative YouTubers I Can’t Get Enough Of

I spend way too much time watching YouTube videos. I find myself watching what I would kind of consider as “trash t.v.” on YouTube. It isn’t content that is bad but it is content that doesn’t really help me in a creative way. I have been trying to watch more creative types of content creators to try to help my own creativity. I want to share a few of the amazing creators that are starting to make me want to start creating not only written content but video content as well.

Some Awesome People

Conan Gray

Conan is so freaking creative it actually hurts. He has a very chill and calming aesthetic in his videos and his voice is just as equally calming (I don’t listen to audio books but if Conan read any of them I totally would). I stumbled upon him through my recommended videos section and I’m so glad that his videos came up (here’s the first one that I watched!). In one of his more recent videos he talked about how much happier he is because of the changes that he’s made and how he tries to not let what other’s think get to him (I’m taking his words to heart because it is something that I strive to achieve).


Dodie is just a joy to watch. I love the raw emotions that she shows in her music and in her sit-down videos. She doesn’t shy away from difficult topics and she doesn’t talk down to you when she’s explaining things, it feels like your having a conversation with a close friend.


I’ve only recently started to watch Hitomi and I’m so glad I did. She makes videos about subjects which I don’t know much about and it is fun to learn from her. I’ve only watched a few of her videos but I’m definitely sticking around to watch more!

Krist Soup/krist

I won’t go into Krist too much because I’ve written a separate post all about her because I love her content so much. If you’ve hit a creative road block you need to check her out!


I am not a film photographer but that doesn’t mean that the content that film photographers create isn’t something that would give me ideas for content. These guys are really informative about their craft and their content is so beautiful I hope that I can create stuff just as amazing as theirs.

New Age Creator

I can’t say that I watch every time this channel uploads a video but when I do the content is phenomenal. The channel will have a specific theme during the week and international creators will make videos on certain days. This week’s theme is How To and I’m really enjoying the videos that they are putting out for it.


I love this girl! She is unafraid to be herself and that is breathtaking. She makes a simple lookbook or makeup tutorial an entire production and it is awesome.

Tasha Green

This is another new creator that I’ve just recently begun following. I’ve actually only watched a couple of her newer videos and I am hooked. Her pamper routine is so f*cking beautifully shot I’m extremely jealous. I love the color grading in her videos too! Check her out if you like a bit of a twist on the standard beauty/lifestyle vlogger (I guess that’s a good way to say it??).


He did this series of videos called the little people series with these little figurines and using stop motion. I fell in love.


Such a calming creator. I don’t remember how I stumbled onto her content (maybe from a video in the side bar from a negativefeedback video) but I’ve really been enjoying all that she has to offer. I really enjoy watching such creative outdoorsy people it helps to get different ideas for content!


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