Review – One Punch Man

What is it about?

A little while ago I decided to try out watching anime again. I wasn’t really sure where to start and a lot of people really love One Punch Man so I thought I would give it a go.

Saitama’s childhood dream was to be a hero. One day he decides to leave his office job and become that hero. He trains for three years (loses all his hair in the process which is interesting…) and becomes a hero who can defeat an enemy with (you guessed it) one punch. He becomes bored because there isn’t any real thrill anymore and the show follows his life after he meets another hero, Genos the cyborg, who decides that Saitama is going to be his mentor. Alongside many eccentric characters, Saitama still ends up standing out and making a seemingly standard hero show into more of an comedic action show.

What did I think?

When I was younger my favorite anime genres centered around magical girls (such as this) or unordinary ordinary life (like this). I was a fan of some action shows (like this one) but they weren’t really my favorites (then again I literally used to watch anything so I don’t know how true that statement is).

Overall, I really enjoyed One Punch Man. The story was funny because of the whole man-turned-hero-but-now-is-a-reluctant-hero plot. I loved all the jokes that Saitama did and just how funny the situations he found himself in were. There’s a whole episode about him fighting this big enemy and then when he realizes what day it is (and he has a coupon that expires on that day) he beats him up and makes it to the store to use the coupon. It is pretty great.

I really like that while it was a kind of darker anime (especially towards the end) it still had a very lighthearted air about it and it was very easy to watch. I found myself always clicking to watch the next episode, which doesn’t usually happen with a new show some of the times.

If you’re up for a laugh and you can handle some animated gore I totally recommend this show!


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