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Review – One Punch Man

What is it about? A little while ago I decided to try out watching anime again. I wasn’t really sure where to start and a lot of people really love One Punch Man so I thought I would give it a go. Saitama’s childhood dream was to be a hero. One day he decides to […]

Creative YouTubers I Can’t Get Enough Of

I spend way too much time watching YouTube videos. I find myself watching what I would kind of consider as “trash t.v.” on YouTube. It isn’t content that is bad but it is content that doesn’t really help me in a creative way. I have been trying to watch more creative types of content creators to […]

Lost Momentum

I always think that there’s no point in making a “sorry I haven’t posted in x number of days/months” post but I guess I’m going to be doing that today. Well, maybe more of a “what is going to happen on this blog” kind of post instead. I actually feel really strange typing this post…typing […]

Pores Be Pure Mud Mask Review

I’m back to blogging and getting back into the swing of things with a short product review! 🙂 What is it? I went into Ulta because I had a coupon and I was looking for a new foundation. They didn’t have the foundation I wanted but I still managed to spend almost 50 dollars… One […]

Little Blog Update

Hello lovely people! I just wanted to let everyone know that I am taking a break from posting for the next week or so! Nothing bad is happening, I just need a bit of a break. I graduated on Saturday and have been really busy just enjoying life a bit. I’m spending the week relaxing […]

Getting an Undercut

I am proud to say that I have checked off one of the things that I’ve wanted to do from my Time to Jump post! The Experience I went to get my hair cut about two weeks ago or so. I first got just a bit of a trim and then told the hairdresser that I […]

Tunes – Paramore Hard Times

I wasn’t a die-hard Paramore fan back in the day but I did listen to a few of the hits that would play on the radio a bunch and then the angsty music videos that I would watch back in the day when I thought no one understood me and my pain (eye rolling for […]

Review – Blind Date

What’s it about? You’ve got a lovely lady who’s decide to move out on her own for the very first time and a strange man who has been living alone for far too long. What could go wrong? Well, one’s a pianist, the other craves their silence, and the wall between them is hollow so […]

2017 Week seventeen

Oh my god yes this week was the bomb! Monday I went to work and then had to go visit the lovely gynecologist (yay). Chickened out when I wanted to ask about a different method of birth control but it is okay I’m content with taking the pill for now and if I want a […]

This Type A Will Not Apologize

I was going to start by saying that I’ve never been tested but I’ve just taken the short Type A/B personality test and there’s no doubt about it I’m an A all the way (I scored a 290). This probably isn’t the best way to judge my personality but I’m going to go with it […]