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Giordano’s Deep Dish Pizza

Please stop yelling at me! Alright! I know that I didn’t eat a lot of the cool food that you can eat in Chicago but look it goes back to the bad parts of traveling alone. Eating alone sucks. I did try the always talked about Chicago style pizza. Isn’t that enough for you people! […]

Museum of Science and Industry

This museum was quite an adventure. When planing my trip I decided that I did want to go to the Science ad Industry museum but after my second day in Chicago I decided that I wouldn’t go just because I didn’t feel like it was something that I would enjoy. Then while I was taking an […]

The Art Institute of Chicago

After visiting the Field museum and eating at Giordano’s (post to come), I decided that I wasn’t tired enough and my feet didn’t hurt enough so I had to go visit The Art Institute of Chicago (I was really tired and my feet were killing me). I was a little confused by their website so I was […]

Chicago – The Field Museum

My first Chicago museum! This museum will probably hold a special place in my heart because it was the first museum that I visited while on my short trip. Plus I had the pleasure of meeting Sue the T-rex, which was pretty great. Not only was Sue there but there was a whole exhibit dedicated to […]

Wandering Around Chicago

I didn’t really take a lot of shots while in Chicago, because I didn’t really want to experience that city through a lens. I’ll allow you to do some eye-rolling here. I do have a little bit of stuffs from the trip so I put it together and I wanted to share it with you. Everyone’s excited […]

The Bad Parts of Traveling Alone

I went for a short solo trip to Chicago and while there were many great aspects of traveling alone I did notice that there were some not so great parts. Even though I find some of these aspects bothersome I’m already excited to plan another solo trip somewhere soon. After the trip, I have decided that traveling […]

The Good Parts of Traveling Alone

I went on a small trip during my (last) spring break and I did it solo (gasp). I believe that there are definitely some really great parts about traveling alone and I thought I’d share a few of those perks! However, while there are good aspects of traveling alone there are also some not so […]

Wandering Around a Chicago Neighborhood

03.08.17 I spent a bit of time on my last day in Chicago walking around the area around Hyde Park, the Museum of Science and Industry, and the University of Chicago. I thought it would be nice to start my Chicago posts with some simple photos from the area. I spent over three hours just […]

Rock Island State Park

I had a crazy Saturday. It was a close friend’s birthday earlier last week and she wanted to go hiking for her birthday. I like hiking, I can do it, I’m okay with easy to moderate hiking trails. I really prefer it when trials are dry because I am prone to slipping and tripping. So […]

If I could see Chicago – Museums

Part 2 of my I wish I could go to Chicago (sort of rant posts but not really cause they’re informative) posts, these will be about the places* I would want to visit while there. I probably won’t hit on any food places just cause I’m a mood eater so I base what I want to eat […]