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Christmas Cookie Time

I never realized how much I love baking cookies with my mom. Every year we bake the same cookies, sometimes adding one or two new ones, and we have the best time together. Since we make the cookies about a week or so before Christmas day it really puts us in the festive mood. We […]

So long Senj

After spending two weeks on the Island of Rab we took a ferry and spent a few hours in the town of Senj while we waited for our bus that would take us to Germany. Here are some of the photos I took while in Senj. This is one of the first times I’ve seen […]

Different Life?

One of my old friends on Facebook recently took a trip back to her hometown in Mexico and she posted a status about how she wonders how different her life would’ve been if she hadn’t moved to the US when she was little. It got me thinking about what my life would’ve been like if […]

A little bit of Austria

I was only in Austria for 3 days and since it was such a short stay we only spent time with our family rather than spending time sightseeing. We stayed in the house above, which is where my uncle and aunt are living for the time being, and it was really cute and old. The […]

Munich – Olympic Tower

Last year while visiting my aunt and cousin in Munich (for the first time and, yea here comes the cliche, not the last time), we had the chance to go up in the Olympic Tower. It was an awesome experience and a killer view. Do you see that view? Click the picture and make it […]


Me and my cousin last year when I was leaving Munich. I live in a small town in the southern states of the United States. I’ve lived here since I was 3 years old but I can honestly just say all my life because who really remembers anything from before they were 3… My family […]

The land of Rab, Croatia

This was the first time that I had the chance to visit the Island of Rab, and it was really beautiful. I love the architecture that can be found in Croatia. I do want to point out that the island’s main visitors are older people and some families with small children, so if you do want […]

The Water of Rab, Croatia

Last year I had the opportunity to spend roughly 2 weeks in Rab, Croatia. We were there visiting my aunt and her husband in his summer home (craziest thing ever…I never thought someone in my family would own a summer home..). Here are some of the waters of Rab that I had the pleasure of […]

My Grandma’s little home

This is my grandma’s little home located in a little village in Bosnia. I’ve been here a totally of four times since moving to America from Bosnia, but its still and forever will be a place that I dream about. Most of my memories in this house have been warm and full of family love. […]

Ice cream for days

I am a big fan of ice cream. Its one of the sweet treats I look forward to eating every time I sit down on a plane that will whisk me away to Europe. Above are just a few of the amazing treats I had the pleasure of tasting on my trip last year. Its a […]