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Flower Friday – Pieris Formosa var. Forrestii

“wakehurst” Description~ This upright, evergreen shrub has brilliant red young leaves that matures to a beautiful green color. These green leaves can be accompanied by small, drooping, white flowers. The flowers will be quite fragrant. Cultivation~ These shrubs are best in well-drained, moist, acidic, organic, fertile soil. They should be placed in full sun or […]

Flower Friday – Monadra

“cambridge scarlet” “croftway pink” Description~ A clump-forming perennial that possesses these peculiar shaggy heads. These flowers attract a large amount of bees. The two certain types listed above are a beautiful red and playful pink colors. Cultivation~ Should be placed in full sun or slight shade. It will flourish in well-drained soil that is kept […]

Flower Friday – Echeveria

Description~ This is a cute little succulent that is adorably star-shaped. It had these really dense, thick green leaves. When it is kept as a house plant then it will probably not grow in groups, but if allowed to flourish outside it will grow more in a cute succulent border. Cultivation~ Grow in well-drained fertile […]

Flower Friday – Amelanchier

Description~ There are many different varieties that change color through different times of the year. The flowers could be bronze when young and then red or orange in the summer. There are white clusters of flowers that happen in the spring and there are edible fruits, when cooked, that grow with these flowers! Cultivation~ Grow […]

Flower Friday – Ipomoea

“heavenly blue” Description~ This fast-growing and twining flower is a variation of a morning glory. It is summer-flowering and great as a part of a summer border or thrown about other plants. This large blue, funnel-shaped flower has a white center and can appear in clusters of two or three. Cultivation~ This heavenly blue flower […]

Flower Friday – Late Flowering Ericas

“irish lemon” “pd williams” windlebrooke” Description~ There are actually a lot of different versions of this flower, so I’m not 100% sure that the photo above is of a late-blooming erica or a heather. The flowers are low and spreading in form. The flowers are born over a long period of time, each of the […]

Flower Friday – Small Daffodils

“narcissus” Description~ Small daffodils come in either yellow or sometimes white, and they bloom in a variety of different shapes. They can bloom either singly or in a cluster. They are of course smaller than a standard daffodil which makes them easy to manage in an outdoor and indoor environment. Cultivation~ You should plant daffodils […]

Flower Friday – Papaver Orientale

“beauty of livermere” Description~ This flower is an Oriental poppy (poppies are really pretty flowers!). It has crimson-scarlet flower and is an upright, clump-forming perennial (which means it will live for more than 2 years). The flower will open during late spring. It will also then develop into large seed pods. Also, each petal has […]

Flower Friday – Magnolia Grandiflora

“exmouth” and “goliath” Description~ This type of Magnolia flower is apparently different than other Magnolias because it can bloom anytime between late summer to autumn. This flower is pretty large, fragrant, and creamy white. The goliath variation has larger flowers than the exmouth. Cultivation~ The Magnolia Grandiflora is best kept in a well-drained, moist, organic, […]

Flower Friday – Lotus Berthelotii

“parrot’s beak” Description~┬áLotus Berthelotii also goes by the name parrot’s beak because of its hooked flowers. The beautiful orange-red to scarlet flowers appear throughout spring and early summer. It can not handle extreme cold, so it should be brought in during the winter months (which means it would be best to plant them in a […]