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What’s Wrong? Gilmore Girls Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers

What’s wrong with episode 16? Too. Much. Damn. PDA. Poor Lane constantly getting set up by her parents. I find it strange that Mrs. Kim always says “No Boys!” but then goes and sets LaneĀ up with every Korean boy that she can find. Connecticut Ken. This guy is creepy AF. I love you. So I […]

What’s Wrong? Gilmore Girls Christopher Returns

Whats wrong with episode 15?  Don’t tell your mother. One parent shouldn’t make their child hide something from their other parent. I hate President Bush. Okay. Seriously Lorelai? You thought this was a good idea for conversation..? This is when you need to know your audience before you make a comment. Like we’re supposed to be […]

What’s Wrong? That Damn Donna Reed

What’s wrong with episode 14? Dean and Donna. There’s too much to say about this so I won’t really get into it. Women are more than simple house wives. PDA in front of the bus. Rory. Dean. Please no PDA in front of the bus when people are trying to get off and on it […]

What’s Wrong? Concert Interruptus

What’s wrong with episode 13? Excuse me Lorelai…did you just give Lane a stack of individually packaged slices of American “cheese”? Please god no. Calm down Luke. Why do you have to yell Luke? Use your words man. We all know you aren’t done with your past love. Madeline and Louise. Really? Sure the band […]

What’s Wrong? Double Date

What’s wrong with episode 12? Please no PDA. What is up with these people?! Todd should be so lucky to get a girl like her. I don’t like the way that Rory kind of manipulates the situation about setting up Todd and Lane. If Dean says he doesn’t think that it would be a good […]

What’s Wrong? Paris is Burning

What’s wrong with episode 11? Part-time Max. I know Lorelai and Max have been sort-of dating for a bit now, but it hasn’t been shown since the snow episode and it is a bit uncomfortable. Not really the them dating part just the whole Rory and Max house interaction part. Ice skating. I wish Lorelai […]

What’s Wrong? Forgiveness and Stuff

What’s wrong with episode 10? The gifts. It is really hard to give a gift to someone but I don’t like Lane’s way of saying you should find out what your significant other is getting you and then plan your gift for them around their gift for you. The fun in gift giving is the […]

What’s Wrong? Rory’s Dance

What’s wrong with episode 9? Rory just ask the poor guy! Chicken? (Do you think the mention of chicken was because Rory was being a chicken..?) Damn Tristan stop thinking that Rory is playing hard to get. How many times does she have to say that she’s not interested in you for you to get […]

What’s Wrong? Love & Snow & War

What’s wrong with episode 8? The way that Rory treats Lane after she starts dating Dean is the worst thing a someoneĀ could do. She’s not being a real friend to Lane, let alone being her best friend. She’s not listening to her and she’s relating whatever topic Lane is trying to talk about back to […]

What’s Wrong? Kiss and Tell

What’s wrong with episode 7? Thank you! Rory, my girl, you needed to say more. Running away after poor Dean kisses you is harsh, he doesn’t know if you didn’t like the kiss, if you don’t like him, if you had to go to the restroom, or anything else that could be thought of after […]